PDM hydraulic technology for your production!

We see ourselves as a reliable partner behind the technology for the optimization of your production process within your business


We offer complete solutions in a customer-friendly and flexible manner. This makes PDM the right address for all your repairs, service and maintenance of your hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical systems.

PDM has a spacious workshop, where a team of certified specialists/mechanics work to provide you with the best possible service. We both have the option to carry out all work at your location.

We are very customer-oriented and adapt to every situation. Every customer is a new challenge for us. Thanks to our extensive experience, we also know your machine(s) and ensure that they work when you need them.

It is therefore very important that your machine(s) are not only repaired properly and quickly, but also regularly and thoroughly maintained. We offer clear agreements and expertise in every area for this.

Below are some of our key points, which made our company grow so fast and have resulted in many satisfied customers all over the world:

  • Fast and accurate service
  • Perfect and fast execution
  • the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium
  • Hydraulics and or issues and calamities
  • Specialized team with suitable solutions

If the above text appeals to you, do not hesitate and make an appointment for a first meeting, with us or, preferably, at your company so that we can immediately gain insight into the situation in question!