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Pneumatic Installation Technique

The use of compressed air is increasing in a wide variety of industries. It is used to drive or control mechanical parts. This transmission controls switching techniques and devices, including pumps and cylinders.

Pneumatics has several advantages. It has low production costs and is a very reliable system. In addition, it is flexible, simple and safe. We help you find the right solution! There are several ways to control your applications. To give you proper advice, we look at the movement profile, the installation size and the speed and power. This way we can determine which solution best suits your needs.

We also take into account the purchase and energy costs. At PDM we advise and support you to build an economical and successful compressed air installation or network.


Saving Energy

Air Leak Inspection: PDM can help you save energy by detecting and repairing leaks in your compressed air system. We carry out the full inspection of the compressed air system at your premises.

  • Air leakage inspection
  • Saving Energy
  • Full Control
  • Optimization Compressed air system

Air Quality

The quality of the compressed air can be improved. The reason for this is that the air that the compressor sucks in is polluted. This is ambient air. If you don't purify that air, there is a chance that seals will leak, cylinders will wear out quickly and that will shorten the lifespan.

  • Air pollution
  • Longer life span
  • Less wear
  • Faster Production

Air valve

In a pneumatic application, the valve is the component that manages the compressed air, diverting it and directing it in the desired direction of flow so that work can be done. It is this labor that you need to realize a movement, such as opening a fire door, the lack of a flow of goods or opening a valve.

  • Correct choices for valves
  • Intelligent Design
  • Movement
  • Optimization Compressed air system

Important Notes

Our mission is to improve your production efficiency and increase the durability of your machines, so that production is guaranteed under all circumstances.

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Quality Production

Qualitative production methods with reliable proven technology for guaranteed continuity.

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Pneumatics Advantages

Has low production costs and is a very reliable system, in addition it is flexible, simple and safe.

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Saving Energy

You save a lot of energy by using the latest techniques in pneumatic installations.

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Pneumatics and applications

Pneumatic systems are used in a wide variety of industries and disciplines. They can be found in materials handling as well as in robotics or medical technology. Other areas of application are propulsion and transport. The systems are installed, for example, in pneumatic brakes of trucks or buses. They are also used for air-filled tires, various pallet trucks and other industrial trucks. Smaller loads or even liquids can be transported via pneumatic pneumatic tube. Special pneumatic tools only work with compressed air – for example for spraying paint and other surface treatments.